Mapping System MSv9

DiVisual Mapping System will change they way condition reports are registered and produced in galleries, museums, conservation studios and so on. It takes common tasks of conservators and takes it a step further, streamlining processes giving art conservators a very versatile and reliable tool for their daily work right at hand.

The DiVisual „Mapping System“ will dramatically reduce the time needed to draw a map for condition reports on a computer.
Beside it will also increase the accuracy of the condition map since you are able to zoom in to the image and register even smallest details.
The use of the Mapping System MSv9 is super simple and bullet prove. All you need to do is to click a button, register a damage or treatment and confirm what you have done.
Msv7 is based on Adobe‘s Photoshop but you don‘t need to be an expert in Photoshop. Our aim is to deliver conservators a very simple and easy to use visualization tool for their reporting tasks. Nested inside of Photoshop, MSv9 is a true Plug-In offering you everything needed to draw beautiful condition / treatment maps in it‘s own tool-palette. It‘s really a true „what you see is what you get“ and so simple, that you will master it in 5 minutes!

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Plans* starting at 25 CHF/ user per month. Subscriptions can be purchased from within the DiVisual® pane > Options tab > registration.

* monthly payments. Yearly payments will get a 5% discount.

    Download and start mapping today

    DiVisual® Mapping System Update!

    DiVisual® MSv9 is now available for download. We have reworked the popular mapping plugin for ADOBE Photoshop and equipped it with some modern new features. Enjoy the new mapping formats, which allow high-resolution mapping up to DIN A0* format**!

    * DIN A0 = 84.1 x 118.9cm respectively 31.93 x 46.81 inch
    **depending on the resolution of your digital image

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